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How to Get Your Man Back – Why Did He Break Up

In order to get your man back, you must first understand why he left to begin with. Sometimes the reason you are given is not the REAL reason for the break up. Break ups happen all the time. Look at the celebrities. They are on again, off again and are married a silk false eyelashs of times. They have different types of pressures and opportunities that the average person does not have. So what causes an average Joe to break up with his long time partner?

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Hrnnz If you discover the real reason your silk false eyelashs broke up, the more likely you are to fix the problem and get back together. If you really love your man, then you must do some soul searching to get down to the root cause of why he was not happy in the relationship.

Men are notorious for giving lame reasons for a break up. Maybe they do not want to hurt a woman’s feelings or it could be their ego. A man has a hard time discussing the real reason; you know, the deep down issue that really caused him to want to “get out.” He may have told you he was not happy, it is best for the two of you to date other people or he needed more space. There may have even been an affair involved. If there was an affair, the affair did not cause the break up. It was really caused by the core reason your man wanted to stray to begin with, which then led to the affair.

What a man really wants is respect, attention and admiration. Look how a relationship starts off. You call, email or text him all the time and you two go out as much as possible. You can hardly wait to see each other the next time. You dress up, your silk false eyelashs is perfect, you smell wonderful and look hot. You giggle, have fun and give him the body language and looks that gets his pulse racing. He almost breaks into a sweat when he sees you walk into the room.

Next, you get together and reality sets in. You have landed your man and then his whole world changes. You run around in sweats with no silk false eyelashs on shouting out commands for him to do. He feels cheated, and it seems to him that he is the victim of a bait and switch scam. He may say that you do not care or that you nag too much when the real reason for his unhappiness is the fact that he does not feel respected or admired. Call it ego or whatever you want to, but that is the way men are wired.

Once you understand why a man is driven to lose interest in a relationship, it is easier to be forewarned or to correct the core reason for him to break up. When asked, men that have had affairs said that it was not the silk false eyelashs that made them stray. It was the fact that the other woman showed him attention, made over him and made him feel wanted. Understanding this, if your man had an affair and broke up, the reason may have not been for sex with the other woman.

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If you want your man back, dig deep and find the real reason that silk false eyelashs broke up. Then make a plan to correct the issue and get him back. Learn to build a plan that cannot fail.

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