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Quick Tips For Depotting Eyeshadows in Your Home

When you buy eyeshadow, you generally end up with just a few colors in a case that is quite large, considering how small the eyeshadows are. Instead of filling your purse, private label 3d mink lashes case, or desk with a million eyeshadow cases, you can easily de-pot them and put them in a nice, neat palette.

private label 3d mink lashes
private label 3d mink lashes

Hrnnz Depotting private label 3d mink lashes is quite easy. All you need to do is heat the eyeshadow to loosen the glue that attaches it to the factory pot. There are a number of different ways to do heat them, including the hairdryer, candle, and oven.

If you’re using a hairdryer, simply turn the hairdryer on (with the heat on!) and heat the eyeshadow with it. Alternatively, place the eyeshadow in the oven for a few minutes (on low heat!) to melt the glue. I don’t really like the oven method, because it makes my whole house smell funky for hours after I depot shadows.

My favorite method by far is with a candle. Hold the private label 3d mink lashes over a lit candle with your tweezers until the adhesives bonding the pot to the container melt.

Once you’ve melted the glue, you can pop the eyeshadow out with a knife or tweezers.

Repeat this for a bunch of your eyeshadows and you can put them all together on a palette. This saves a ton of space and makes it a lot easier to find the eyeshadow that you need, instead of rummaging through a million little eyeshadow containers.

private label 3d mink lashes
private label 3d mink lashes

I keep a palette with my most common private label 3d mink lashes colors (browns, blacks, whites, and pinks), but I usually don’t bother depotting colors that I don’t use very often (blue, green, yellow).

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