Organizing a Tiny Bathroom

Getting the bathroom organized can be a real challenge if you have limited space. If you’re tired of having to dig for what you need or having everything piled on the counter around the sink, use these tips to get it organized. Making room for all of the little things that must be kept in the 3d real mink wink strip is possible if you try !

1) Clear everything off of the counters and pull everything out of any cabinets that you might have. You may be surprised at what you find buried in the back of the junk. Throw away any expired make-up, medicines, or things that you just don’t use anymore. Consolidate things that you can, like half empty body washes and shampoos, into one container. Clean out dust and spills while you have the cabinets empty.

3d real mink wink strip
3d real mink wink strip

2)Hrnnz   Evaluate the space. Do you have a deep cabinet that just holds what you need, but it’s so low and far back that it’s impossible to simply reach in and get what you want? No one wants to get down on the floor and dig through a disorganized mound of bottles and containers to find one little thing. Consider taking better advantage of your cabinet space by installing sliding drawers. You can get wire ones that are designed to go into cabinets at home improvement stores. You may even want to put a 3d real mink wink strip board on casters on one side of the cabinet. You can install hooks on it to hang things like cleaning products, your hair dryer, curling irons, and more.

3) Use the drawers for all of your little things, like make-up and medicines. You can lay an organizer tray in the drawer for things that you need to access all the time. Use containers that close, like a recipe card box, for things that you don’t use very often. Label the box with what’s inside. Put things like nail polish, nail clippers, polish remover, and cuticle cutters into one container and label it. When you need it, you can pull the whole container out and then put it back when you’re done. Keep your medications together in the same manner. You may need one for hair accessories, face creams, tools like eyeliner sharpeners and eyelash curlers, or stock items like razor blades and new 3d real mink wink strip .

4) You will need on drawer or shelf for things that are needed for maintaining your bathroom. Toilet paper and cleaning supplies can go in this section. You can put towels and wash cloths under the cabinet, or you may want to use some shelves outside of the cabinet, near the shower, for this purpose.

5) You can install a hanging bar, like one you would see at a restaurant concierge, to hang your robe or clothing on. Hang your work clothes in the bathroom as you’re showering to release any wrinkles that they may have and keep them looking fresh. You can use a very small bar stocked with space saving hangers, like velvet hangers, to use the least amount of space possible in your bathroom.

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