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How to Pick the Right Foundation For Your Face

Picking up a right foundation for our faces from such a huge selection from numerous brands could be a difficult thing for us. The foundation is the basic for a perfect multi layer mink eyelashes which decide the final effect of the whole makeup. So it is quite important to choose a right foundation that is perfectly fit your face.

multi layer mink eyelashes
multi layer mink eyelashes

Hrnnz Now you have a decided budge for your multi layer mink eyelashes, then you need to do some preparation in advance. Find some useful information to get a rough idea about the brands that has the foundation of your ideal prices, and then make a contrast. Different foundations from different brands have different advantages; make clear of your requirements to a foundation according to the condition of your face skin.

Are you oily, dry or combination? Different kinds of your skin have the different requirements to foundation. If you are oily, look for a kind of “oil-control” or “oil-free”; if you need moisturizing foundation, those with “hydrating” or “moisture-rich” should be perfect; for those who owns combination skins, you need two kinds of foundation separately for wet and dry seasons. Cream-to-powder bases work great for combination skin.

Then came to the color of the multi layer mink eyelashes, everybody knows to choose the closest color of our skin. But there are also some tips we should pay attention to. The foundations should have different undertones, such as cool, warm, and neutral. Cool would be pinkish, warm would be more orangish, and neutral would be a slight yellow to beige, which is prone to be suitable for Asians. If you have some speckle on your face and you want to hide them with your foundation, the darker color would do.

Keep you face free from other multi layer mink eyelashes before trying your new ones. Apply a couple dots of the two or two closest colors you doubt on areas of your jaw line-the darkest place of your face. Stand near the doorway or step outside to see which foundation looks best in the natural light.

The quality of the foundation is quite important that directly affect the effects of your multi layer mink eyelashes and the health of your skin. So make sure you are choosing a kind of foundation with good quality from a reliable brand. After pick up a kind that is right for you, ask about the return policy to make sure that you can have a return if you do not like it after try it out when you back home.

multi layer mink eyelashes
multi layer mink eyelashes

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