The Ultimate 100% Natural Eyelash mink lashes wholesale manufacturer

Finding natural based products which improve the length and condition of your mink lashes wholesale manufacturer within a 1-2 month time frame can be hard to find. Even harder to find is an eyelash product which gives you these results and is 100% natural, with no trace of harmful chemicals or controversial drugs. For those of us with sensitive eyes or who want a break from the harsh ingredients contained in eyelash styling products this search has proved less than fruitful over recent years but the introduction of LashMantra 100% Natural Eyelash Growth Serum has provided all the elements in a product we all are looking for. Now I know you are sceptical, like you would be of any new eyelash product, so here we will provide you with all the information you need to know to help you decide whether this 100% Natural Eyelash Serum is the best for you.

mink lashes wholesale manufacturer
mink lashes wholesale manufacturer

What is Lash Mantra Eyelash Growth Serum?

Hrnnz LashMantra Eyelash Growth Serum is an organic beauty care product which aims to give you fuller, darker and thicker mink lashes wholesale manufacturer using 100% natural ingredients, promising to give you results within just a couple of weeks. There are 18 natural ingredients helping you to achieve natural eyelash growth within this product including Vitamin E, Pomegranate Seeds, Moroccan Argan Nut as well as various proteins and amino acids. LashMantra identify the particular presence of cold pressed oils such as Pomegranate and other nutritious fruits which enable your mink lashes wholesale manufacturer to be provided with the essential nutrients to grow longer faster. Due to the 100% natural ingredients of this product it is free from harmful ingredients such as prostaglandin, parabens, fragrances, artificial colours, mineral oil, peanuts, corn and soy whilst also being chemical and cruelty free suitable for use by all customers including vegans.

How do you apply this product?

There are two ways in which you can apply this product giving you greater flexibility in controlling your eyelash growth.
The first way you can apply the LashMantra product is by taking a drop of the eyelash solution and rubbing it between the tips of your fingers. Then use the fingers with solution on them and rub it from the base of your mink lashes wholesale manufacturer to the tip making sure you cover all of your eyelashes.
The second way you can apply the LashMantra product is by using the applicator brush, dipping it into the solution and applying it once again from the root to the tip of your eyelashes.

You can apply this solution to the top and bottom mink lashes wholesale manufacturer .

Advantages of using LashMantra Eyelash Serum –

This eyelash serum product has many advantages which have contributed to its reputation as an ultimate natural eyelash growth serum. Not only is it fantastic because of its 100% natural ingredients but it actually produces excellent results in just a few weeks. This product is even more impressive as it can be used to thicken and improve the condition of your eyebrows as well. Additionally LashMantra is considerably cheaper than a number of other eyelash serums such as Lattise and RevitaLash but produces equal and better results. The packaging of this product is also beneficial and it is compact and easy to use.

Disadvantages of Using LashMantra Eyelash Serum –

Looking at this product the only disadvantage that it has is that it is only available for purchase at LashMantra’s Website and so cannot be bought at any local store.

mink lashes wholesale manufacturer
mink lashes wholesale manufacturer

Here we have provided you with all the information needed to help you decide whether LashMantra’s 100% Natural Eyelash Serum is the product which can give you the natural eyelash growth you desire. We personally recommend this product as one of the best natural products currently on the market, not only producing wonderful results but also the best value for money. No other natural eyelash serum compares.

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