Dying to Be Beautiful – Are Your Beauty Products Killing You?

Massage some antifreeze into your skin to get it silky soft. Apply your false luxury 3d real mink eyelashes with automotive adhesive for a sure hold. These are beauty tips that may sound completely bizarre; but believe or not, most people unknowingly do this everyday of their lives. Many products that are made for our health, well-being, and beautification can contain some highly toxic ingredients.

Hrnnz  A commonly used chemical found in beauty products is sodium lauryl sulfate. It is found in 90% of products that foam. This includes car washes and engine degreasers as well as shampoos, soaps, and bubble baths. It is even disguised in some pseudo-natural products with the description “comes from coconuts”. When tested on animals, sodium lauryl sulfate caused eye damage, central nervous system complications, breathing difficulties, skin irritation, diarrhea, and even death. Needless to say, these are not risks you want to take in order to lather up everyday.

Another toxic chemical commonly found in most cosmetics is propylene glycol. First of all, propylene glycol is strong enough to remove barnacles from boats. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns against any skin exposure to this harsh petroleum derivative. The consequences are luxury 3d real mink eyelashes , liver, and kidney disorders. Think about that the next time you roll on your favorite deodorant.

luxury 3d real mink eyelashes
luxury 3d real mink eyelashes

Mineral oil is yet another chemical you can find in most beauty products. It is a petroleum by-product that luxury 3d real mink eyelashes  the skin like plastic, clogging pores. Skin function slows down as a result causing premature aging. Baby oil is made from 100% mineral oil.

Various products may contain only small amounts of these toxic ingredients. However, over time, these toxins can accumulate in the body causing devastating effects to your health. There probably will not be any government regulations on beauty products coming anytime soon. Nevertheless, there are precautions that can be taken to avoid potentially hazardous products. Purchase beauty care items from retailers that offer natural environmentally safe products. Also, add a detoxing supplement to your daily regimen to buffer the effects of these toxic ingredients as they accumulate in the body.

It should raise a red flag if the ingredient list to your beauty products seems to read like a chemistry report. Be sure to do your research on the products in your beauty routine. Toxic cosmetic ingredient lists and directories can be easily accessed on the world wide web. Once you become educated there is absolutely no reason for you to have to die to be beautiful.

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