How to Create Different Eye Looks

I have previously touched on the art of applying customized mink eyelashes and since response is good, I thought that I can definitely add a sequel to it. Hence, I have decided to discuss a bit on the different eye look we can create.

customized mink eyelashes
customized mink eyelashes

Hrnnz I will briefly touch on getting the sophisticated look, the gorgeous dramatic look and the cute wide-eyed look. I am assuming that you have on hand a eyeshadow palette which consists of at least 4 colors to start off. This kind of customized mink eyelashes palette is highly recommended for beginners as the same group of colors are already chosen for you. Your eyeliner will also be a great tool to help create the right look.

Sophisticated Eye Look

Apply the lightest customized mink eyelashes, either white, beige, light brown, over your entire eyelid to the eyebrow bone. Use a dark shade to define the crease of your eyelid. The darker the shade, the more dramatic the look. If you want to go for a softer elegant look, use pastel shades instead of dark shades.

Highlight the inner corner of each eyes to “open” up your customized mink eyelashes. Lastly, use your eyeliner to draw a smooth thin line across the upper eyelashes.

Gorgeous Dramatic Eye Look

Start off with the lightest eyeshadow and apply it all the way till the eyebrow bone. Next, use a slightly darker color and cover up the entire eyelid to halfway of the eyebrow bone. Follow that with a darker color and apply it on your eyelids. Finish off with the darkest shade along your lash line. Remember to blend the colors nicely such that one color seems to melt into the next naturally. Highlight the inner colors of your eyes with a white eyeshadow, forming a “C” shape when you are applying the color. Use your eyeliner to draw a firm thin line across the upper lashes and cover 2/3 of the bottom lash line starting from the outer eye corners.

Cute Wide-eyed Look

customized mink eyelashes
customized mink eyelashes

You may choose to use either the sophisticated customized mink eyelashes look technique or gorgeous dramatic eye look for the foundation of the cute wide-eyed look. The gist of creating the cute wide-eyed look lies in the mascara and eyeliner. Make sure that you apply the eyeliner as close to both the top and the bottom lash line as possible to make your eyes bigger. Apply one coat of mascara to both the upper and lower eye lashes. Wait for it to dry completely and then apply another coat on, this time concentrating on the base of the lash.

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