Makeup Tools – The cheap 3d mink fur lashes When Applying Makeup

We all know that having the best equipment and tools for when you do a specific job makes it so much easier. Now keep that in mind when you apply your makeup. The truth is that when you have the proper makeup tools it makes it so much easier and even more fun to highlight your good features and hide your blemishes. You also do not need all the makeup tools that are available. But there are a few that is of bigger importance which can really help you. Let us now look at the most important tools to have when putting on cheap 3d mink fur lashes.

cheap 3d mink fur lashes
cheap 3d mink fur lashes

Hrnnz Foundation, Concealer or Cover Stick Brush

Professional makeup artists today are keen to use a foundation brush which is a thick brush with a flat top. The biggest benefit by using such a brush is that it gives you a more finished and natural look when applying foundation. It is also perfect for blending the foundation without leaving visible lines.

Cover stick or concealer brushes are very similar to foundation brushes. It is only a smaller brush which makes it easy to apply concealer to cover blemishes, pimples or scares. You don’t have to wear foundation but it is always a great idea to use concealer to cover dark circles under your eyes or cover other unwanted areas.

Makeup Sponges

It is very common among women to use their fingers to apply foundation. Even professional makeup artists sometimes use their fingers but the fact is that using makeup sponges certainly has its benefits. If you have sensitive skin and struggle with breakouts a lot, then using your fingers will add extra oil and dirt to your skin which will simply make it worse. You will also enjoy a smoother and more refined look when using a sponge. It is also easier to blend the foundation and remove visible lines on your face. There are different shapes of sponges but I have found that triangular sponges can easily reach all the curves of your face which makes blending so much easier.

Eyebrow Brush

Eyebrows are so important to your overall beauty regiment. Not many women do eyebrow shaping but it is something that people notice if it is not groomed properly. When you brush your eyebrows you can see which hairs need to be plucked. Your eyebrow brush can also identify bald spots which you can fill in with some eye shadow or tint.

Powder Brush

One of the most important tools you need is a powder brush. When you buy face powder it is common that they come with a powder puff or an applicator. Although it is fine to use them, they tend not to distribute the powder on the face area very evenly. If you’re looking for more control and proper blending of the powder then a powder brush will certainly help you.

Eye Shadow Brush

It is common that some eye shadows are dry and flaky when applying it. The eye shadow brush makes it easy to apply the eye shadow evenly. It also makes it easier when you blend different eye shadow colors together such as using a darker color as a base on your eyelid and then use a highlighting color on top if it.

Eyelash Curler

For most women an eyelash curler is something they only see on a makeover show. It is a great tool for women to accentuate their eye and give their cheap 3d mink fur lashes a beautiful upwards curl. Use a hair dryer to bring heat to the curler and then hold the curler for a few seconds on your cheap 3d mink fur lashes. After you have used the cheap 3d mink fur lashes curler you must use brown or black mascara on your lashes to keep the curl in place.


It is true that you probably can go without one or two of these tools. However, you will certainly notice a huge difference in your overall look when you start to learn how to use these tools correctly. You will start to wear your makeup as it was meant to look on you. The time you spend doing your makeup will also be a lot more fun and a lot quicker.

cheap 3d mink fur lashes
cheap 3d mink fur lashes

Most of these makeup tools are available in pharmacies, but I recommend buying your makeup and tools from a makeup store where professionals can assist you. You will pay more than you pay in a pharmacy or supermarket but it will last longer and it will work better. Your beauty and confidence is certainly worth that extra penny.


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