Reborn Baby Dolls – Perfect in Every Way

I wouldn’t call this a fad, but there is definitely something strong going on with collecting reborn baby dolls, and classic dolls like these in general. This is interesting, considering how these realistic dolls earned their name. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they can be so incredibly realistic that you find yourself tippy-toeing across the floor when they are in the 3d mink eyelash with custom lash !

Reborn baby dolls are called this because they are, in fact “reborn” as part of the manufacturing process. It all starts with a high-quality baby doll, and crafts persons add all of the incredible and highly unique details, turning an ordinary toy into a genuine work of art. Skin coloring and toning, the application of wisps of light and fluffy baby hair and other minute details go into the making of a reborn doll. The best examples can take many hours of disassembly, modification and reassembly to make them look just-so. The realism comes from the talent and dedication of the crafts people working their magic on a plain, vinyl doll.

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3d mink eyelash with custom lash

Hrnnz   That’s why these reborn baby dolls from certain artists are becoming very much in demand. Similar to most other artistic endeavors, these lifelike works of art truly “come to life” in the hands of talented and experienced artists.

The first time I saw one of these awesome creations, I watched closely to see if the child was breathing. Every minute detail was so perfect that I thought I was looking at the real thing! I was fooled, but then so are a lot of people – that’s the goal! Naturally, there are many different price ranges, and I doubt that you would want to give a $5,000 masterpiece to a small child to play house with. But, rest assured, there is a reborn doll for every purpose and pocketbook- there’s one for you too.

The more expensive reborn baby dolls go through quite a process to become works of art. First, the doll is completely disassembled, cleaned and stripped of any paint, glues hair and other items not needed. Now, it’s time for the craft person to take over. Expensive Angora Kid mohair is stitched expertly into place to resemble real fine baby hair. Then, as the vinyl body material is somewhat translucent, paint is applied in the inside to help give the skin its natural appearance.

Then, acrylic or oil-based paints are used on the eyebrows, lips and facial creases to give all realistic facial details that, at first glance, completely fool most folks into thinking this is a real baby. Similar mohair is then used for 3d mink eyelash with custom lash ,and after all painted details are complete and dry, a sealer is applied to protect the delicate and intricate details the crafts person has so labored to produce.

The reborn baby doll is then “reborn,” as all of the modified components are reassembled back into a baby. To add further realism, high quality sand, glass beads and a nylon poly fill is inserted into empty cavities to give the doll lifelike mass and “heft.” This makes the newborn baby doll feel completely realistic – just like a real child – by approximating a baby’s actual weight.

If done well, then this masterpiece may just become a highly sought after collectible. In fact, many big names make a great living by giving birth to a creation that will inspire, awe and give comfort as only a reborn baby doll can.

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3d mink eyelash with custom lash

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